How To Apply Liftie Aspirator On Any Syringe

Disclaimer: Liftie Aspirators are intended to be used one per patient; however they may be used multiple times per treatment.

*Scroll down for application videos.



Opening Liftie AspiratorOpen the individually wrapped Liftie Aspirator by tearing at either end and remove from wrapping.   

Step 2a

Liftie Aspirator pre-cut opening for insertion of any brand of dermal fillerNotice the pre-cut opening for smaller plunger heads, such as BD syringes. NO STRETCH NEEDED

 Step 2b

Liftie Aspirator pre-cut opening that needs to be stretched before inserting larger syringe plunger heads.For larger plunger heads, GENTLY STRETCH the pre-cut opening back and forth until reaching the desired size to fit the syringe plunger head.

 Step 3

Insertion of Juvederm syringe into Liftie AspiratorOn Liftie Logo side, push the plunger head through the pre-cut opening.

Optional adhesive tabs to secure Liftie Aspirator to a Juvederm syringeOPTIONAL STEP: Remove brown on the opposite side of Liftie Logo to expose adhesive, then press firmly to secure to underside of plunger head.

 Step 4

Liftie Aspirator attached to Juvederm SyringePlace finger on plunger. Wrap until desired tightness and secure by closing the velcro fasteners. May be readjusted, if needed. 

Tip: Liftie Logo should be facing outward when in use.


Application Videos 


How to Apply on a BD syringe


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